What is root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy involves taking the dental nerves out of the root canal and cleaning the places. This procedure is applied when the decay proceeds up to the nerves of the tooth and makes pain, when the tooth loses its vitality because of trauma or other reasons, or when there is an infection at the end of the root.

How is it performed?

At the first session, specialist dentists clean the decay and the nerve tissue, and they shape the tooth canals up to the root end. Then, the dentists apply medication on the tooth for healing, and they close the tooth with the temporary filling. At the second session, they clean inside the tooth and fill the roots with a special filling material up to root ends. Last, they close the tooth with the permanent filling.

How much time does it take?

The duration of the treatment changes depending on the condition of the complication in the tooth. The therapy may be completed in a single session, whereas a few additional sessions may be needed if there is an abscess or an infection in the root end. Each session takes about one hour.

Does it make pain?

Thanks to local anaesthesia administered before the treatment, the patient does not feel any pain. The difference between this therapy and a simple filling process is the duration of the procedure. This treatment is slightly longer than the filling procedure. The patient may feel pain when the tooth is pressed on, since the degeneration in the natural tissues may continue a few days after the treatment.  However, a painkiller that the dentist suggests would abolish this complaint. Another problem which may be encountered with is swelling in the face or in the region where the tooth exists.