Porcelain Fillings

Aesthetic and porcelain fillings, which play an important role in aesthetic dentistry, are used in place of composite filling materials that are frequently used in the treatment of decayed teeth. Particularly porcelain fillings are preferred because of the aesthetic and durability of teeth with high loss of material, the reduction of secondary caries formation because of high compliance, and the support of the remaining solid tissues of the tooth. After the decayed parts of the problematic tooth are cleaned, they are gauged and attached to the teeth after they are prepared with CEREC technology.

There are many advantages of Porcelain Fillings. They;
• are compatible with teeth
• provide the same colour and aesthetic appearance as the natural teeth.
• are very solid and support the remaining walls of the tooth.
• offer a better surface glaze than other fillings
• ensure the contact with the side teeth to be set at the desired level.

What is aesthetic filling?

Aesthetic filling is a dental restoration method allowing to preserve the tissues of the tooth as much as possible, to restore the anatomic form of the tooth, and to have a natural and healthy tooth. The aesthetic filling is recommended for teeth that are affected by caries and have a different colour. Also, they are effective for the teeth that are dull and have incorrect positions to fill in the diastema (the gap between teeth) and to restore the teeth after trauma.

How long does aesthetic filling take?

One session, which lasts 45 minutes, is sufficient for 1 tooth.

Am I a good candidate for aesthetic filling?

You can send us your photo or dental X-ray to decide that together.

Is there any risk?

There is no risk in procedures since they are all performed by our well-trained and experienced dentists.

Is anaesthesia possible?

Either local or general anaesthesia is possible.

What should I consider while deciding?

Beauty and health are too important to people, so they need to get health services from trustworthy dentists and clinics. We guarantee a highly professional and qualified team of dentists and effective treatments. Let us do it for you!