Latest Technology and New Trends

We always take the dental treatment seriously and make efforts to take a step further using the latest technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment works effectively and precisely to take the dental experience to a whole new level. From X-rays to hand equipment and from lasers to chairs, the equipment contributes to the overall enjoyment of the dental spa.

We deploy the latest technology and follow new trends because we want to provide the best and the most satisfying dental experience possible in line with our motto that, “All we do is teeth.” Furthermore, in order to provide the best treatment possible, all these treatments are performed and followed by our chief of medicine.

A first in Turkey

We offer the dental spa services for the first time in Turkey. The service combines the dental services with a spa-like atmosphere to offer you a notable experience. The service for your oral health promises you a unique experience.

We can offer this service thanks to our deep and continuous interaction with our customers. We feel proud to have the chance to serve over two million patients across the world.

We continue to have this interaction because we have a well-organised international department that provides service in 11 languages. Additionally, our call center and customer satisfaction department are ready to respond to your inquiries and feedback.

Besides this, international organisations also approve of our quality. TEMOS International Healthcare Accreditation monitors and accredits the level of service we provide.

What is Dental SPA?

This is a non-clinical, comfortable environment where our patients can take all dental services and spend leisure time.

How long do Dental SPA operations take?

The duration depends on the treatment that you receive and the time that you’d like to spend inside.

Am I a good candidate for Dental SPA?

Let’s decide together! Come to visit us and see if it’s for you.

Is there any risk?

You wouldn’t like to get out, and this is a risk for us.

Is anaesthesia possible?

Either local or general anaesthesia is possible for all treatments.

What should I consider while deciding?

Beauty and health are too important to people, so they need to get health services from trustworthy dentists and clinics. We guarantee a highly professional and qualified team of dentists and effective treatments. Let us do it for you!