Smile Design

Smile design is an analysis of the tooth design that will be most appropriate for aesthetics to the mouth and facial anatomy of a person. The ideal smile is the harmony of teeth, lips, and face. Hence, your dentist will first check your compliance with the smile design criteria. Then, he/she will design your special smile after identifying the problematic areas.

The criteria of smile design include the horizontal and vertical alignment of the pupils and teeth, the symmetry of the anterior teeth, the alignment of the smile line, the gum line appearing at the smile, the smile width, the natural and triangular space between the tip of the teeth called the embrasure and the proportions of the teeth themselves and the face.

Smile analysis also assesses the patient’s age, expectations, and physical characteristics. Then, the dentist and the patient make a decision according to the results. Also, alternative treatments such as orthodontic treatment, laminate veneers, composite veneers, and porcelain crowns are offered to the patient.

Have the perfect smile

The quote of “The most beautiful makeup is a beautiful smile” was not said vainly. The smile design helps to capture your dream smile that draws the most attention to your face. What is Smile Design? Smile design is a treatment method based on individual wishes. The shape of the teeth is taken according to the measurement of the face. Furthermore, this method deals with many aesthetic criteria like facial shape, smile, teeth shape and colour, patient’s lips, and the amount of gum appearing when the patient laughs. Also, there are other appropriate treatment options like teeth whitening you can consider. If you have a problem with your teeth colour, we can make it one or two degrees whiter.

How is it done?

First, smile design is usually performed digitally, where the desired changes can be done accurately and appropriately to the facial and jaw structures of the person. To give the patient an idea about the appearance that will look after treatment, specialists will build a model to correct the imbalances in the patient’s teeth. They perform this process by using special materials like laminate, composite laminate, luminaires, full porcelain crowns, and bonding.

What are the steps?

After taking the measurement with the optical camera, the image of the patient is directly transferred to a connected computer along with the measurements taken. The lips, because of its size and appearance according to the smile line, are as important as the teeth and gum in designing the ideal smile. If the design of the smile requires a lipid disorder correction, it can be solved with simple interventions.

Who can have a digital smile design procedure?

This procedure is appropriate for anyone who is uncomfortable because of their tooth or gum problem, who is not able to get the whiteness they want, who isn’t satisfied with their smile or its structure, who have the problem of distance between their nose and lip, and who suffer from irregular distances between the teeth. Also, those who suffer from missing teeth, distortions in facial shape, and inconsistency in the length of teeth can benefit from the smile design treatment.

How much time does it take?

It depends on the treatment planned. But, it may take one session or more depending on the patients’ situation.